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Reporting suspected research misconduct

The Committee for the Management of Deviations from Good Research Practice (KHAF) at LiU is responsible for examining cases of deviations from good research practice.

The Committee handles reports relating to research in LiU’s activities in accordance with the provisions set out in the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) and LiU’s Guidelines for handling deviations from good research practice. Cases concerning research misconduct are reviewed by the Swedish National Board for Assessment of Research Misconduct (NPOF) under the Act (2019:504) on responsibility for good research practice and the examination of research misconduct.

A case can be initiated in different ways

A report of research misconduct – a serious deviation from good research practice in the form of fabrication, falsification or plagiarism that is committed intentionally or through gross negligence when planning, conducting or reporting research – is made to the NPOF, see the NPOF web page Reporting suspected research misconduct.

A report of other deviations from good research practice that have occurred in LiU’s operations is made to the KHAF. When a report of other deviations from good research practice has been received, the KHAF assesses whether a case should be initiated or not. If necessary, the KHAF can initiate a case itself.

If a report concerning research misconduct is made to LiU, the university is obliged to submit the report to the NPOF if it is suspected that research misconduct has occurred in LiU’s operations.

Anonymous reporting

It is possible to report anonymously, but in such cases the complainant must themselves ensure that the email address and other information submitted does not enable their identification.

To consider when reporting other deviations to KHAF

In a report on other deviations from good research practice, we ask you to provide the following information:

  1. Information about which researchers or research projects at LiU are suspected, e.g. title or other name of article, report, study or research funding application.
  2. An account of your suspicion with a description of how the deviation manifests itself:
    a. describe the course of events and why you suspect a deviation from good research practice.
    b. specify the nature of the deviation and, where possible, refer to a guideline or code of good research practice.
    c. if the suspected deviation consists of one or more texts, you need to refer in the report to specific text sections and argue why these text sections may constitute a deviation from good research practice.
  3. Files that support your suspicion, if you have them.
  4. Contact information, if we need to ask questions about the information in the report or get clarification. However, if for some reason you do not want to provide your name and contact information, you can submit the report anonymously.


Emma Rörby, the secretary in KHAF

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