Congratulations on being accepted to one of our international degree programmes!

This page is a hub of information and tips on how to prepare for your degree studies at Linköping University (LiU) and your move to Sweden. The order of the page will change as the months tick-down to your arrival, so we can assist you to find the most important information when you need it most. Information may also update as the autumn semester approaches.

Starting your studies at LiU

Tips for a head start

Arrival: the welcome period!

Welcome letter from LiU's Vice-Chancellor

You made it into LiU! What happens now?

Important dates for admitted degree students

6 April 

Notification of selection results / Eligible students are welcome to apply for a LiU Scholarship

9 April

LiU Scholarship applications close 23:59 CET

16 April

Deadline to accept your offer or you will lose your place / If you have won a LiU Scholarship you must accept it or the offer will cease 

1 June

Deadline to pay your tuition fees and recommended deadline to apply for residence permit to Sweden 

Autumn semester 2018: August

Information Days:

Faculty of Arts and Sciences - 20 August

Faculty of Educational Sciences - 20 August ( Exception: Master’s Programme in Adult Learning and Global Change starts 13 August)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - 29 August

Faculty of Science and Engineering - 29 August

Mandatory Roll calls:

Dates are available on your programme's specific admitted page- see the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

Preparing to move to Sweden

Once you have been admitted to LiU there are many things to prepare before departure if you are relocating from overseas. Many of the deadlines have now passed. Fee-paying students have now paid their fees, applied for a resident permit and know that they will receive an accommodation offer from LiU. Swedish, EU other non-fee paying students should have started their search for accommodation and looked into what insurance they may need. Once you know you have the right to move to Sweden it is time to start planning your travel to our campuses in Linköping or Norrköping in East Sweden.

What do you wish you had known before you arrived?

Two current master’s students and a representative from the International Office discuss the things they wish they had known and offer insights into what you can expect when you arrive for your studies at LiU.

Information to help you prepare your budget, find a place to live, and assistance for families