Botond Rajna knew since high school that he wanted to work with public transport. He thinks working at Västtrafik is amazing and is absolutely sure that the Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics master has helped him achieve this goal.

Botond Rajna, who graduated from the program in 2014, is more than happy with his current job. He has been working for 1,5 year as a Traffic- and System Developer at Västtrafik, the second biggest public transport company in Sweden.

Currently, Botond is working on two different projects; one of them is to migrate two different geographical systems into one, the other one requires him to digitalize the booking process of the demand responsive transport at Västtrafik.

”Both projects last for about two to three years which means that my job never gets dull. The constant change of projects makes my work challenging and I’m still learning new things.”

Although Botond’s passion for public transport was one of the main drivers behind his enthusiasm, his master program at LiU has definitely helped him getting this dream job:

”I’m totally sure my graduate program helped me to get where I am now. During my thesis I worked with database management and used Matlab for programming.”

At the moment, Botond is working with databases again and he has noticed that he is using the Matlab way of thinking and managing the database. Also, the groupwork he used to do at the university is very useful now; in the projects he has to cooperate a lot with his project group.

”I’m not sure what the future will bring but at the moment I have no plans of moving anywhere else. Västtrafik is a big company with many opportunities, if I would like to change direction, there are plenty of opportunities within the business to do so.”

”The only thing I do miss is Norrköping, that’s probably the best place I have ever been! I’m proud to have studied there and I really liked the atmosphere between teachers and students in our program. Actually, I got my job through the connections of one of my teachers!”

Master's Programme in Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics