The Industrial Ecology Research Programme (IERP) is a ten-year research collaboration between the division of Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University and Tekniska Verken, municipality-owned energy company in Linköping. The aim of collaboration is to further explore synergies in materials, energy, waste and by-products between companies.

To develop knowledge, to promote and to explore the field of regional resource efficiency, Linköping University and Tekniska Verken in 2009 established a ten year research collaboration called the Industrial Ecology Research Program, IERP. 

The program takes it starting point in the County of Östergötland and its well-developed systems for transformation of different waste products into new utilities, often replacing fossil fuels. The research program have focused on seed funding for exploring new research areas which has been a successful strategy that later has grown into larger research initiatives. Such areas include landfill mining, biofuel strategies, internationalisation of environmental technologies, district-heating collaboration and resource efficient biogas solutions. 

Sweden's first professorship in industrial ecology was initiated by the program.