“Studying SMIO is really broadening my horizon.” 

Wibke Papenbroock from Germany is studying business administration on the master’s program in Strategy and Management in International organisations (SMIO).

Wibke Papenbroock, a German first-year student on the programme describes how one year consists of people from different educational and cultural backgrounds and how they have to work together a lot. This gives the students the chance to meet new people and learn how to deal with different cultures. Wibke think the international atmosphere is one of the biggest assets of the programme and it’s something that will be very useful in her future career too.

“Studying abroad seemed like a good opportunity for me to gather experiences in a different country, besides, the programmes offered in Germany did not really fit me and my interests. The reputation of the Swedish education system eventually made me decide to come and study here. Studying SMIO is really broadening my horizon.

Wibke doesn’t only enjoy the great variety of cultures in her classroom, she is also fond of the way SMIO is structured. In the first semester there are two big courses (Classic Leadership and Organizational Dilemmas & Contemporary International Management Paradoxes) that consist of lectures, seminars, discussions, presentations and written assignments. Usually, the students always work in groups and if they don’t, they give each other feedback. 

I like the ‘how’ of SMIO, we are sharing knowledge instead of doing it all by ourselves; it might be more time-consuming but you learn how to work together and trust each other. 
Wibke Papenbroock, first-year student at SMIO

Although Wibke’s future plans are not clear yet, she thinks the chances of her ending up in an international company is big.

 Before SMIO she studied Marketing and Communication which has helped her to deepen her knowledge and learn about new subjects. For now, Wibke is trying to figure out what she wants. The upcoming two years Wibke will stay in Linköping and concentrate on SMIO. 

“I’ve started learning Swedish and I’ve learned how to order coffee now, but you really don’t need to know any Swedish if you want to survive here.”