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Arghyamalya Roy (2023) Bioelectronic Devices for Targeted Drug Delivery and Monitoring of Microbial Electrogenesis
Dennis Cherian, Arghyamalya Roy, Alex Bersellini Farinotti, Tobias Abrahamsson, Theresia Arbring Sjöström, Klas Tybrandt, David Nilsson, Magnus Berggren, Camilla I. Svensson, David Poxson, Daniel Simon (2023) Flexible Organic Electronic Ion Pump Fabricated Using Inkjet Printing and Microfabrication for Precision In Vitro Delivery of Bupivacaine Advanced Healthcare Materials, Vol. 12, Article 2300550 Continue to DOI
Arghyamalya Roy, Alex Bersellini Farinotti, Theresia Arbring Sjöström, Tobias Abrahamsson, Dennis Cherian, Michal Karaday, Klas Tybrandt, David Nilsson, Magnus Berggren, David Poxson, Camilla I. Svensson, Daniel Simon (2023) Electrophoretic Delivery of Clinically Approved Anesthetic Drug for Chronic Pain Therapy Advanced Therapeutics, Vol. 6, Article 2300083 Continue to DOI


Tobias Abrahamsson, Mikhail Vagin, Maria S Seitanidou, Arghyamalya Roy, Jaywant Phopase, Ioannis Petsagkourakis, Nathalie Moro, Klas Tybrandt, Xavier Crispin, Magnus Berggren, Daniel Simon (2021) Investigating the role of polymer size on ionic conductivity in free-standing hyperbranched polyelectrolyte membranes Polymer, Vol. 223, Article 123664 Continue to DOI


Gábor Méhes, Arghyamalya Roy, Xenofon Strakosas, Magnus Berggren, Eleni Stavrinidou, Daniel Simon (2020) Organic Microbial Electrochemical Transistor Monitoring Extracellular Electron Transfer Advanced Science, Vol. 7, Article 2000641 Continue to DOI