Department of Science and Technology (ITN)

Kiselskiva ofokuserad i fokuserat ljusThe Department of Science and Technology is part of Campus Norrköping.
We research and teach in several technical and scientific disciplines, of which our main areas are organic electronics, media technology, communications and logistics.

The department offers about 200 courses annually for our master and bachelor programs. We also have extensive doctoral studies. 

You can find us in the beautiful industrial landscape by the Motala River in central Norrköping.

Research Environments


8 December 2023

Public defence of doctoral thesis in Infra Informatics: Leonid Sedov

10.15 am – 2.00 pm Room K2, Kåkenhus building, Campus Norrköping

Leonid Sedov, at the Department of Science and Technology, defends the thesis “Development of critical enablers for Unmanned Traffic Management”. The event is open to the public. Language: English. Faculty opponent is Dr Yan Xu, Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK. Supervisor is Valentin Polishchu, LiU.


12 December 2023

Public defence of doctoral thesis in Design: Magnus Nylin

9.00 am – 1.00 pm Room K3, Kåkenhus building, Campus Norrköping

Magnus Nylin, at the Department of Science and Technology, defends the thesis “Flexible Automation in Air Traffic Control Through Adaptation of Human-Automation Collaboration”. The event is open to the public. Language: English. Faculty opponent is Ruth Stilwell, DPA, Norwich University, USA. Supervisor is Jonas Lundberg, LiU.



Man on balkony (Simone Fabiano).

Developing soft electronic devices mimicking the brain

Simone Fabiano, senior associate professor at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, has been granted SEK 23 million from the ERC to develop a new type of soft electronic device inspired by the human brain.

A person in a middle of a constructing site.

Reducing construction transport movements in cities

Construction transport in cities creates major disruption. This can be greatly reduced. But it requires better planning and management at an early stage in construction projects.

Participants Agora conference


On September 13th, it was once again time for Agoras Materiae research school’s annual conference with a focus on excellent materials science.

Rebecca Böhme.

Three LiU researchers share SEK 53 million from the ERC

Three researchers at LiU have received European Research Council Starting grants awarded to promising researchers. Their research areas are new cancer treatment, materials development and how people are affected by grief.

Abdul Manan Dar and Eleni Stavrinidou.

Fast electrical signals mapped in plants with new technology

What happens inside the carnivorous plant Venus Flytrap when it catches an insect? New technology has led to discoveries about the electrical signalling that causes the trap to snap shut.

Hand infront of screen with digital autopsy.

Digital autopsies with 3D visualisation technology

It is already possible to perform part of the autopsy with the assistance of mixed reality, and fully digital autopsies might be achieved in the future. In the long term, this technology could render autopsies more efficient and legally certain.

Big yellow building with the sign

A visualisation centre to understand and change the world

To show what actually cannot be seen, and to make complex information comprehensible by way of images. This is what visualisation is about, and this is the objective of the Visualization Center C in Norrköping.



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Linköping University
Department of Science and Technology
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SE-601 74 Norrköping, Sweden

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Department of Science and Technology
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Campus Norrköping

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Phone: +46 11 363000
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Google map showing the location of Campus Norrköping

Campus Norrköping location

The Department of Science and Technology is situated at Campus Norrköping which has a central location in the city of Norrköping
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