Eva Vikhe Patil



Abdi-Fatah Hersi, Lida Pistiolis, Carlos Dussan Luberth, Eva Vikhe Patil, Fredrik Nilsson, Imad Mohammed, Roger Olofsson Bagge, Fredrik Warnberg, Staffan Eriksson, Andreas Karakatsanis (2021) Optimizing Dose and Timing in Magnetic Tracer Techniques for Sentinel Lymph Node Detection in Early Breast Cancers: The Prospective Multicenter SentiDose Trial Cancers, Vol. 13, Article 693 Continue to DOI
David Jaraj, Jonas Höijer, Linnea Widman, Johan Ahlgren, Lars-Gunnar Arnesson, Zakaria Einbeigi, Marie Klintman, Eva Vikhe Patil, Malin Sund, Irma Fredriksson, Jonas Bergh, Pettersson Andreas (2021) Long-Term Prognostication for 20?114 Women With Small and Node-Negative Breast Cancer (T1abN0) JNCI cancer spectrum, Vol. 5 Continue to DOI


Stina Garvin, Eva Vikhe Patil, Lars-Gunnar Arnesson, Husam Oda, Elham Hedayati, Annelie Lindström, Ivan Shabo (2019) Differences in intra-tumoral macrophage infiltration and radiotherapy response among intrinsic subtypes in pT1-T2 breast cancers treated with breast-conserving surgery Virchows Archiv, Vol. 475, p. 151-162 Continue to DOI