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Florian Bock

PhD student



Florian Bock (2024) Combining ab‐initio and machine learning techniques for theoretical simulations of hard nitrides at extreme conditions
Janella Salamania, Florian Bock, L. J. S. Johnson, Ferenc Tasnadi, K. M. Calamba Kwick, Alireza Farhadizadeh, Igor Abrikosov, Lina Rogström, Magnus Odén (2024) High temperature decomposition and age hardening of single-phase wurtzite Ti1−xAlxN thin films grown by cathodic arc deposition Physical Review Materials, Vol. 8, Article 013602 Continue to DOI
Florian Bock, Ferenc Tasnadi, Igor Abrikosov (2024) Active learning with moment tensor potentials to predict material properties: Ti0.5Al0.5N at elevated temperature Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, Vol. 42, Article 013412 Continue to DOI


Henrik Levämäki, Florian Bock, Davide Sangiovanni, Lars J. S. Johnson, Ferenc Tasnadi, Rickard Armiento, Igor Abrikosov (2023) HADB: A materials-property database for hard-coating alloys Thin Solid Films, Vol. 766, Article 139627 Continue to DOI


Ferenc Tasnadi, Florian Bock, Alena V Ponomareva, Maxim Bykov, Saiana Khandarkhaeva, Leonid Dubrovinsky, Igor Abrikosov (2021) Thermodynamic and electronic properties of ReN2 polymorphs at high pressure Physical Review B, Vol. 104, Article 184103 Continue to DOI