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Johanna Utterström

PhD student



Alexandra Iversen, Johanna Utterström, Robert Selegård, Daniel Aili (2024) Enzymatically Triggered Peptide-Lipid Conjugation of Designed Membrane Active Peptides for Controlled Liposomal Release ACS Omega, Vol. 9, p. 19613-19619 Continue to DOI
Johanna Utterström (2024) Design and Optimization of Membrane Active Peptides and Lipid Vesicles for Triggered Release


Johanna Utterström, Hanna M. G. Barriga, Margaret N. Holme, Robert Selegård, Molly M. Stevens, Daniel Aili (2022) Peptide-Folding Triggered Phase Separation and Lipid Membrane Destabilization in Cholesterol-Rich Lipid Vesicles Bioconjugate chemistry, Vol. 33, p. 736-746 Continue to DOI


Johanna Utterström, Sajjad Naeimipour, Robert Selegård, Daniel Aili (2021) Coiled coil-based therapeutics and drug delivery systems Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Vol. 170, p. 26-43 Continue to DOI


Shuangshuang Zeng, Shiyu Li, Johanna Utterström, Chenyu Wen, Robert Selegård, Shi-Li Zhang, Daniel Aili, Zhen Zhang (2020) Mechanism and Kinetics of Lipid Bilayer Formation in Solid-State Nanopores Langmuir, Vol. 36, p. 1446-1453 Continue to DOI