Photo of Lida Khajavizadeh

Lida Khajavizadeh

Principal Research Engineer



Lida Khajavizadeh, Mike Andersson (2023) Monitoring ammonia slip from large-scale selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems in combined heat and power generation applications with field effect gas sensors JOURNAL OF SENSORS AND SENSOR SYSTEMS, Vol. 12, p. 235-246 Continue to DOI
Lida Khajavizadeh (2023) Materials Design for the Improvement of SiC Field Effect Gas Sensor performance in High Temperature Process Control applications


Lida Khajavizadeh, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Mike Andersson (2015) Investigations of 600oC SiC MISFET gas sensor operation
Maciej Sobocinski, Lida Khajavizadeh, Mike Andersson, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Jari Juuti, Heli Jantunen (2015) Performance of LTCC embedded SiC gas sensors Eurosensors 2015, p. 253-256 Continue to DOI