Institutional Economics

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Markets are more efficient with rules of the game and enforcement.

One of the challenges within social science is to explain the transformation of the market economy. A common method is to use institutional analysis. At Linköping University we analyse how institutions affect markets, and what the outcomes are for individuals, organisations and nations.

The branding of Scandinavia

In a current research program the focus in on branding of Scandinavian values, as part of the welfare model. We search for answers on how the Scandinavian culture has been articulated and communicated within the business community, from the 1950s and onwards. The focus is on how advertising agencies, designers, artisans and the organization itself have shaped the image of Scandinavia, by selecting certain values and aesthetic expression in order to create commercial advantages. The analysis compares various brands that have used Scandinavian values, where the airline industry SAS de facto dominated the marketing of Scandinavia until the 1970s. In a special survey, the view of Scandinavia among foreigners are studied. Thanks to a follow-up survey on a questionnaire study from the early 1970s, we will be able tell how the view of Scandinavia has shifted over time.