The identity provider (IdP) at Linköping University performs authentication – verification of user identities – on behalf of services that Linköping University recognizes, either through the SWAMID identity federation or through a specific agreement.

Services that use LiU’s IdP may access certain personal information. Personal information is transferred only in conjunction with the user requesting access to the service, which is also interpreted as consent to process personal information required to deliver the service.

Services are categorized through the identity federation SWAMID, or through specific agreements. The category determines what data is made available to each service.

All services have access to a service- and user-specific identifier. This identifier cannot be traced between services, and makes it possible for the service to e.g. save user preferences.

Services whose primary purpose is for the benefit of research and education have access to the user’s name, email address, user identity, if the user is a student or employee and that the user has an account at LiU. Services that via GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct adhere to the European Union’s data protection directive can access to the same information.

Services whose purpose is for students to process admissions, course registrations, examination sign-up, degree applications, internships, grant applications, self-service account administration and for self-service in LiU’s HR system have access to the user’s Swedish personal identity number or equivalent.