Since the early 1990’s the Time-Geography Network has arranged Time-Geography Conferences. Initially on a biannual basis and from the early 2000’s these arrangements are arranged annually. The 1st International Time-Geography Conference was held in 2014 and in September 2016 the 2nd International Time-Geography Conference is arranged.

The Conferences are generally two-day events at which researchers, graduate students, teachers and doctoral candidates from various fields and different universities in several Nordic countries come together to discuss their research- or teaching-related questions, problems and ideas that have been inspired by time-geography. The tone of the events is relaxed and collegial, and new participants will quickly feel right at home. There are usually some 20 of us who take part, and participants vary from year to year, depending on who is able to attend. The Time-Geography Event Days are cooperative endeavours.

Kajsa Ellegård is responsible for their overall coordination, and someone at the university where the event is being held generally handles a major share of the work involved. We try to arrange things so that the Time-Geography Event Days are held on an alternating basis – at Linköping University one year and at some other university/college the next.

  • The 2015 Time-Geography Conference was arranged in Gothenburg in collaboration with Eva Thulin and Bertil Vilhelmson, at the human geography division, Gothenburg University.
  • In 2014 The First International Time-Geography Conference  was arranged in Linköping, department of Thematic Studies, technology and social change. The conference decided that there will be an international time-geography conference every second year.
  • The 2013 Time-Geography conference was held in Uppsala, in cooperation with Magdalena Cedering, who is a doctoral candidate in human geography. 
  • The 2012 Time-Geography Conference were held at Linköping University in cooperation between Elin Wihlborg, Mattias Örnerheim and Per Assmo, from the Political Science Section of the Department of Industrial Development and Innovation, and Kajsa Ellegård from the Technical and Social Change Section of the Department of Thematic Studies. 
  • The 2011 Time-Geography Conference was arranged in Helsingborg, in cooperation with Eva Åström, Department of Service Management, Lund University, Helsingborg Campus 
  • The 2010 Time-Geography Conference was arranged in Gothenburg, in cooperation with Malin Svensson, Nordic School of Public Health, Gothenburg
  • The 2009 Time-Geography Conference was arranged in Norrköping, in cooperation with Gunilla Liedberg, Department of Welfare and Society, Linköping University, Norrköping Campus
  • The 2008 Time-Geography Conference was arranged in Halmstad, in cooperation with Cecilia Kjellman, Section for Health and Society, Halmstad University College
  • The 2007 Time-Geography Conference was arranged in Linköping, at Tema Technology and Social Change, Department of Thematic Studies, and in cooperation with Elin Wihlborg, Department of Industrial Development and Innovation, Linköping University


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