Department of Thematic Studies (TEMA)

Major societal questions are studied and analyzed from an interdisciplinary perspective at the Department of Thematic Studies. 

In an increasingly complicated world, the need for interdisciplinarity is greater than ever, researchers that can see both breadth and depth in major societal issues. At the Department of Thematic Studies, natural science, social science, technology and the humanities meet in the common aim to increase understanding for and find solutions to important future questions.

The Department has four education and research environments organized thematically with high social relevance. Here you can find researchers with both disciplinary and interdisciplinary backgrounds. The environments are therefore heterogeneous in terms of their scientific expertise. At the same time the common problem area holds them together. Students at the Department of Thematic Studies are trained to find alternative questions and transnational perspectives.


Research at the Department of Thematic Studies (TEMA) 

PhD courses at Department of Thematic Studies

PhD Programmes at the Department of Thematic Studies

The PhD programme at the Department of Thematic Studies reflects the inter- and multidisciplinary research profile of the department and more specific the four different research environments.

The main part of the PhD training is organized by the specific research environment, Child Studies, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, or Technology and Social Change, including supervision. A joint thematic over-arching course is offered once a year. Likewise, the doctoral students have a doctoral council as an arena for matters relating to all, regardless of research environment.


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