Visit from Korea

On august 15, a delegation from Korea National University of Education came to Linköping University to learn more about Swedish teacher training and Outdoor Education in particular. 

In Korea, there is an interest in how to implement more creative and thematic learning into the education system. Researchers from the National University of Education visited the Swedish Ministry of Education prior to their visit to LiU and also had the opportunity to learn more about Outdoor education and the Swedish school system during a day with school visits. The delegation also met Dr Mattias Arvola at the LiU Dep’t of Computer and Information Science and Spetsa AB with CEO Helene Nord. 

The delegation’s visit follows on from a very successful marketing visit to Seoul by Anders Szczepanski from the Outdoor Education programme and Therese Winder and Susan Gollenia from LiU’s Communications and Marketing Division. The Seoul visit,  which also included a special outdoor pedagogy lecture by Mr Szczepanski at Korea University, took place as part of a four-year project to enhance LiU’s brand in Korea and to attract Korean students to our international master’s programmes. 

From left: Professor YoungJun Lee (Dean, Computer Education Department), Professor Seoung-Hey Paik (Dep’t of Chemistry Education and Director of Convergence Education Research Institute), Anders Szczepanski (Linköping University, Outdoor Education and Environmental Learning) and Dr Moon Sook Jeong (Convergence Education Research Institute).  

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