Perspectives on Digitalization

7.5 credits

Perspectives on Digitalization, 7.5 credits

Autumn 2023, Full-time, Linköping

Digitalization is a contemporary phenomenon that is on everybody’s lips today. In this course, you will have the opportunity to address different perspectives on digitalization as a phenomenon in different spheres (individual, organizational, and societal). We will also address different expressions and “faces” of digitalization and how it is surrounded by values, possibilities and challenges. Digitalization is also put in the context of change, management, services, gaps, everyday work and strategies. The course contents also include the basic concepts related to digitalization and a critical stance towards the role of digital tools and IT in relation to different stakeholders within organizations and the process of organizing. The course consists of lectures, individual literature studies, seminars and tutorials. The workload of the course includes the preparations for lectures, seminars, project work and tutorials by reading, where appropriate, other student’s work. The examination is written, through mainly in pairs prepared PMs, a group work and report in a project setting. The PM and the project are examined orally in compulsory seminars.