Photo of Johannes Salomonsson

Johannes Salomonsson



Johannes Salomonsson, Björn Wallner, Linda Sjöstrand, Padraig D´arcy, Maria Sunnerhagen, Alexandra Ahlner (2024) Transient interdomain interactions in free USP14 shape its conformational ensemble Protein Science, Vol. 33, Article e4975 Continue to DOI


Johannes Salomonsson (2023) Structural, Dynamic and Functional Studies of USP14: A Proteasome-Associated Deubiquitinating Enzyme Regulating Protein Degradation


Karthik Selvaraj, Arjan Mofers, Paola Pellegrini, Johannes Salomonsson, Alexandra Ahlner, Vivian Morad, Ellin-Kristina Hillert, Belen Espinosa, Elias S. J. Arner, Lasse Jensen, Jonas Malmstrom, Maria V Turkina, Padraig D´arcy, Michael A. Walters, Maria Sunnerhagen, Stig Linder (2019) Cytotoxic unsaturated electrophilic compounds commonly target the ubiquitin proteasome system Scientific Reports, Vol. 9, Article 9841 Continue to DOI