Photo of Martin Andreasson

Martin Andreasson

PhD student

How are Swedish firms responding to challenges created by digital technologies? How should they transform the organization? How can digitalization be accelerated through digital strategies? These are some of the questions from my research.

Research and teaching

Organizational transformation and Digitalization

I will mostly study Swedish firms in their digital transformation, to increase knowledge on how firms are planning and executing their digitalization strategies, internally organizing for digitalization, building new ecosystems, and developing new digital products or services. I will use a variety of companies in my research, from large manufacturers to small service firms, to provide a comprehensive picture of digitalization-related challenges and opportunities. 


As my research is closely connected to project management and external collaborations, I am teaching modules in the PIE courses Project-based Organization and Corporate Social Responsibility. My research is helping me to constantly evaluate the modules, to connect content to current research and contemporary challenges in firms.