Department of Management and Engineering (IEI)

The Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) strengthens and develops tomorrow’s industry, business world and society by ground-breaking research, education and innovation.

Our teaching and research cover a broad spectrum of fields from economics and management to technology and design. We are a department that sees innovation, development and innovation as fundamentally necessary to strengthen a sustainable society. Collaboration and dialogue permeate our operations, making positive and productive relationships with companies and other organisations possible. This in turn helps to make our students highly sought-after, and ensures that research can be used to increase competitiveness and sustainability.


The Department of Management and Engineering has more than 500 co-workers and 20 divisions. More than 9,000 students take our courses and programmes every year.


Our co-workers are the driving force for our unceasing improvement.


“By creating a feeling of ‘togetherness’, we create the conditions required for all to flourish and grow – and this in turn contributes to genuine commitment.”

Head of Department, IEI


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Upcoming events

2 February 2023

Cristina Chueca Del Cerro: The power of social networks and social media's filter bubble in shaping national identities: an agent-based model

2.30 pm – 4.00 pm KO301, Kopparhammaren 2, CampusNorrköping

9 February 2023

Örjan Bodin: Understanding and theorizing human-nature interactions using a social-ecological network perspective

2.30 pm – 4.00 pm KO301, Kopparhammaren 2, CampusNorrköping

15 February 2023

CollaborativeResearch Seminar Series: A short introduction to AI research and language modeling 

10.15 am – 12.00 pm Online

16 February 2023

Public Disputation in Industrial Engineering and management with specialisation in Industrial management: José Adalberto Franca Junior

1.00 pm – 4.00 pm ACAS, A Building, Campus Valla

Anna Rogers: Data governance and training data transparency for large language models

2.30 pm – 4.00 pm KO301, Kopparhammaren 2, Campus Norrköping


Extensive research in many fields is carried out at IEI, ranging from the social sciences to technology. Central fields are sustainability, the circular and behaviour-based economy, management, goods and services production, digitalisation, technical systems and processes, and the development of operations, products and services.

Much of the research is carried out in close collaboration with the society around us, with the expressed goal of translation and utilisation. Research is often multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, and is characterised by creative collaboration in which researchers from different disciplines work together. The methods used in IEI research are distinguished by the diversity and breadth of analysis methods and types of data.

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Research projects


A department with a broad spectrum of its education – from economics and management to technology and design.
IEI offers courses at both basic and advanced (master’s) levels.

Teaching in the department is characterised by deep knowledge of the subject and high quality, in close collaboration with industry and organisations in the region. Our students have ample opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical work in our modern workshops and laboratories.

Are you interested in gaining new expertise? Take one of our 200 single-subject courses. We also offer tailored commissioned education. Contact the relevant division for more information.


Research Education

Research education places high demands on those who take it. It comprises courses, own study, research, and in many cases teaching in undergraduate education. Those who thrive as doctoral students are independent, ambitious, and have the ability to formulate and work through scientific problems.
IEI has approximately 250 teachers/researchers, and more than 100 research students spread across two faculties. The research here lies in a wide range of fields from economics and management to technology and design.

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Articles about research education and life as doctoral student

Collaboration at IEI

Collaboration with companies and organisations outside of the university is an important part of operations at IEI, and has been since the department was formed. Collaboration allows IEI researchers to contribute to the development of companies and society, while at the same time obtaining valuable knowledge and experience. In other words – a win-win situation.

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