Department of Management and Engineering (IEI)

The Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) strengthens and develops tomorrow’s industry, business world and society by ground-breaking research, education and innovation.

Our teaching and research cover a broad spectrum of fields from economics and management to technology and design. We are a department that sees innovation, development and innovation as fundamentally necessary to strengthen a sustainable society. Collaboration and dialogue permeate our operations, making positive and productive relationships with companies and other organisations possible. This in turn helps to make our students highly sought-after, and ensures that research can be used to increase competitiveness and sustainability.


The Department of Management and Engineering has more than 500 co-workers and 20 divisions. More than 9,000 students take our courses and programmes every year.


Our co-workers are the driving force for our unceasing improvement.


“By creating a feeling of ‘togetherness’, we create the conditions required for all to flourish and grow – and this in turn contributes to genuine commitment.”

Head of Department, IEI


A man in a suit holds a green plant in his hand.

17 July 2024

LiU involved in a megastudy on climate behaviour

What is the best way to make people behave in a more climate-friendly way? Researchers at Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet have contributed to a worldwide study on this topic.

Female PhD student lectures to master's students in the lab.

20 June 2024

From sketches to a robot with artificial intelligence

How do you develop a product with as little human involvement as possible? LiU students built a robot using generative artificial intelligence.

New and old oil filter.

11 June 2024

Making remanufacturing profitable

Returning end-of-life products to as-new condition is called remanufacturing. For more industrial companies to take an interest in it, remanufacturing needs to be economically viable. Johan Vogt Duberg has investigated how this can be accomplished.

Teacher holding flowers and diplom which she has received from happy students.

30 May 2024

Nandita Mishra appointed as Educator of the Year

Nandita Mishra, university lecturer at the Division of Language for specific purpose at IEI, has been appointed as "Educator of the Year 2023/2024" – an educational award presented by the Economics Association at Linköping University (ELIN).

28 May 2024

The world's first ISO standards for a circular economy have arrived

Several researchers from the Linköping University have participated in the work to develop the world’s first ISO standards for a circular economy. The goal is a more sustainable society.

People chatting in the library.

23 May 2024

Kickoff Conference for SweCSS

On 15 April, a kickoff conference for the Swedish Center of Excellence for Computational Social Science (SweCSS) was held at the Museum of Work in Norrköping. The event gathered around 30 researchers from Linköping University.

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Extensive research in many fields is carried out at IEI, ranging from the social sciences to technology. Central fields are sustainability, the circular and behaviour-based economy, management, goods and services production, digitalisation, technical systems and processes, and the development of operations, products and services.

Much of the research is carried out in close collaboration with the society around us, with the expressed goal of translation and utilisation. Research is often multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, and is characterised by creative collaboration in which researchers from different disciplines work together. The methods used in IEI research are distinguished by the diversity and breadth of analysis methods and types of data.

Explore our research – you’ll be stimulated.

Mats Abrahamsson

Collaboration and system perspective in IEI’s research

Collaboration with society, multidisciplinary and applied research. Diversity and width – and a great potential to contribute to the shift towards a sustainable society. That is a few things that characterises the research at IEI.

Research projects


We at JEDI lab at Linköping University conduct research on intuition, reflection, and emotion in economic decision-making. The aim of our research is to understand everyday decision-making and its underlying processes.

Design Automation Lab

Product development was revolutionized by the introduction of the first CAD software in 1963, a digital drawing board called Sketchpad. The premise of the innovation was to automate a manual, repetitive and erroneous draft-drawing procecess.


According to common wisdom, gossip channels mainly negative and often fictitious information. If it is the case: how can dishonest gossip and the resulting biased reputations legitimize social order and promote cooperation?


A department with a broad spectrum of its education – from economics and management to technology and design.

IEI offers courses at both basic and advanced (master’s) levels.

Teaching in the department is characterised by deep knowledge of the subject and high quality, in close collaboration with industry and organisations in the region. Our students have ample opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical work in our modern workshops and laboratories.

Are you interested in gaining new expertise? Take one of our 200 single-subject courses. We also offer tailored commissioned education. Contact the relevant division for more information.


International master's programmes

Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations, Master's Programme, 120 credits

Aims to equip future leaders with good judgement and an ability to make well-balanced decisions. Combines fundamental thinking, reasoning and skills to prepare students to go beyond applying known solutions to known problems.  International focus.

International and European Relations

International and European Relations, Master's Programme, 120 credits

European relations in the international society and global governance, with focus on Europe’s role in world affairs. Topics include international law and security, European institutions and external relations, research design and methodology.

Group of students in lab looking at computer monitor

Mechanical Engineering, Master's Programme, 120 credits

This programme covers the entire product development cycle, from idea to the final product. With five specialisations and close industry collaborations, you will be qualified for work in any field of development, engineering or manufacturing.

Research Education

Research education places high demands on those who take it. It comprises courses, own study, research, and in many cases teaching in undergraduate education. Those who thrive as doctoral students are independent, ambitious, and have the ability to formulate and work through scientific problems.
IEI has approximately 250 teachers/researchers, and more than 100 research students spread across two faculties. The research here lies in a wide range of fields from economics and management to technology and design.

Explore our research education – find something to inspire you.


Articles about research education and life as doctoral student

Articles about research education and life as doctoral student

Road to a doctoral degree

It all started with a simple question from the supervisor during the thesis work. That's how Niklas Simm became interested in pursuing a PhD at Linköping University.

Photo of PhD-student at her office.

Biogas in Brazil - a resource not being used

Brazil has a significant capacity for biogas production from organic waste that has not yet been realised. Hanna Zanatta has studied several societal aspects that affect the introduction of biogas systems.

Female researcher in teaching and at office.

The business model that can boost carpooling

Would you sell your car and join a carpool instead? LiU researcher Brenda Nansubuga has studied several sharing services. She concludes that services that combine different modes of transport are easier to make profitable.

Collaboration at IEI

Collaboration with companies and organisations outside of the university is an important part of operations at IEI, and has been since the department was formed. Collaboration allows IEI researchers to contribute to the development of companies and society, while at the same time obtaining valuable knowledge and experience. In other words – a win-win situation.

Collaborate with IEI – you’ll benefit from it!

Olof Hjelm, Industriell miljöteknik (tvåa från vänster) tillsammans med Johan Rydberg, Cleantech Östergötland, Nathali Vivas, Energifabriken AB och Teodor Hovenberg, Envista AB.

Collaboration at IEI

IEI’s collaboration with the business world, public organisations and society in general translates knowledge into utilisation. Productive collaboration benefits both you and us at IEI.

Latest about collaboration

Female PhD student lectures to master's students in the lab.

From sketches to a robot with artificial intelligence

How do you develop a product with as little human involvement as possible? LiU students built a robot using generative artificial intelligence.

Large donation equals five new professors at LiU

A donation of SEK 125 million enables the establishment of five new professorships in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University. The donation is directed to the subjects of economics, political science, and history.

Professor guides visitors on biogas-stations.l

From waste to wealth with biogas

They have a mountain of waste and a burning need for green energy. A delegation from Nigeria visited Linköping and there was great interest. They are seeking partners and want to learn more about Sweden's waste management and biogas production.

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