Photo of Michelle Nilsson

Michelle Nilsson

PhD student

The electrical signals in our brain are shaped by voltage-gated ion channels. I want to understand the activation and modulation of the voltage-gated ion channels that underlie these signals.





Michelle Nilsson, Sarah H Lindström, Maki Kaneko, Kaiqian Wang, Teresa Minguez-Viñas, Marina Angelini, Federica Steccanella, Deborah Holder, Michela Ottolia, Riccardo Olcese, Antonios Pantazis (2022) An epilepsy-associated KV1.2 charge-transfer-center mutation impairs KV1.2 and KV1.4 trafficking Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 119 Continue to DOI


Nina Ottosson, Malin Silverå Ejneby, Xiongyu Wu, Argel Estrada Mondragón, Michelle Nilsson, Urban Karlsson, Melanie Schupp, Salome Rognant, Thomas Andrew Jepps, Peter Konradsson, Fredrik Elinder (2021) Synthetic resin acid derivatives selectively open the hK(V)7.2/7.3 channel and prevent epileptic seizures Epilepsia, Vol. 62, p. 1744-1758 Continue to DOI


Antonios Pantazis, Maki Kaneko, Marina Angelini, Federica Steccanella, Annie M. Westerlund, Sarah Lindström, Michelle Nilsson, Lucie Delemotte, Sulagna C. Saitta, Riccardo Olcese (2020) Tracking the motion of the K(V)1.2 voltage sensor reveals the molecular perturbations caused by ade novomutation in a case of epilepsy Journal of Physiology, Vol. 598, p. 5245-5269 Continue to DOI