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Peter Bang

PhD student



Peter Bang, Danait Kidane Andemichael, Johan Pieslinger, Kajsa Igelström (2024) Sensory symptoms associated with autistic traits and anxiety levels in children aged 6-11 years
Peter Bang, Kajsa Igelström (2024) Relationships between autistic trait dimensions and speech understanding, affective sound intolerance, and general auditory perception


Peter Bang, Kajsa Igelström (2023) Modality-specific associations between sensory differences and autistic traits Autism, Vol. 27, p. 2158-2172 Continue to DOI


Benjamin Arnfred, Peter Bang, Carsten Hjorthoj, Clas Winding Christensen, Kirsten Stengaard Moeller, Morten Hvenegaard, Lone Agerskov, Ulrik Krog Gausboel, Ditte Soe, Peter Wiborg, Christopher Ian Scholer Smith, Nicole Rosenberg, Merete Nordentoft (2022) Group cognitive behavioural therapy with virtual reality exposure versus group cognitive behavioural therapy with in vivo exposure for social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia: a protocol for a randomised clinical trial BMJ Open, Vol. 12, Article e051147 Continue to DOI
Maria Strömberg, Lina Liman, Peter Bang, Kajsa Igelström (2022) Experiences of Sensory Overload and Communication Barriers by Autistic Adults in Health Care Settings Autism in Adulthood, Vol. 4, p. 66-75 Continue to DOI


Member of The Igelström Lab