Questions about the origin, meaning and purpose of life have always followed human life. Throughout time and in all corners of the earth, religion has had an important function in people's lives and societies. At Linköping University we conduct research into the history of religion, Christianity and biblical studies. 

Research into religious studies at LiU is conducted in the fields of the history of religion, the history of Christianity and biblical studies. 

In the area of the history of religion, we research the emergence of folk religion movements. But researchers at LiU also study apocalyptic religions and conceptions and the social and political effects they can have. 

Another field of research is the biblical and post-biblical literature in its Hellenistic-Judaic surroundings during antiquity. In particular we study how biblical traditions are used ideologically and theologically. 

In the research field of religion and politics in the United States, we study the significance of religion in American political life. We also study Swedish church history, which looks at the links between the church and Swedish history of learning and cultural history.


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