09 February 2023

Nikhil Bhargav, Vasanth Elangovan, Balagangadar Thilakar Arumugam and Chinmay Srinivas were the pinnacle of the educational year 2022. Not only did they produce the best result, they also kindly helped teachers and students as much as they could. I challenged them to setup an automation for automation of what seems to be almost impossible. In a short amount of time they were able to accomplish just that. In order to do so they needed to find new ways for automation that was not included in the course documents.

They never despaired when going through multiple obstacles, on the contrary they were full of hope and motivation during the entire process. The way they achieved their result is more inspiring to me than the actual result. I am confident they will have bright careers in front of them as long as they abide this recipe! To quote Winston Churchill: Success is all about going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.


Research at Design Automation Lab