02 February 2023

Quality control is a time consuming and manual intensive activity. Together with an AI-model which Javier Villena Toro has developed, this framework is able to automatically extract tolerance information from a 2D-drawing and then automatically create an offline robot program to do the tolerance control. If you are working in a company and you want to try this out. Let us know!

  1. First step is to automatically read a 2D Engineering Drawing and automatically read all tolerances.
  2. From the geometric information in the 2D drawing and the saved tolerances, the Delmia API is used to automatically generate offline programming code.
  3. The code is then generated to a Motoman specific formant and exported
  4. Together with an in-house built measurement tool, it is then possible to automatically check the tolerances.
  5. Quality control is thus automated.




Many of the automation codes and tutorials you can download from our site.

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