02 June 2023

SciLifeLab is launching a survey to collect proposals for new infrastructure technologies. By participating in this survey, you contribute to the future development of SciLifeLab as a national resource.

Open for Proposals on new Technologies until August 10

SciLifeLab hereby invites life science researchers and stakeholders within academia, healthcare, industry, and governmental organizations across Sweden to provide input to the development of the future SciLifeLab infrastructure from 2025 and beyond. We are interested in two types of proposals, both aiming at strengthening the current SciLifeLab infrastructure:

1) New cutting-edge technologies that are urgently needed by the user community
2) Existing local or national core-facilities that could be incorporated as new units into the SciLifeLab infrastructure from 2025

Proposals can be submitted via our web-based questionnaire, open from now on until August 10, 2023.

Read more information and do the survey here.

Questions about the SciLifeLab Technology Survey should be directed to infra@scilifelab.se

The management group at SciLifeLab Linköping gives you the opportunity to submit proposals which we compile and submit, for a possible stronger impact. To participate in this combined survey, please submit your proposal to linkoping@scilifelab.se no later than August 1.

SciLifeLab Linköping