After a thorough search for the perfect master’s program, Abhishek Chethikatt decided to study at the Industrial Engineering and Management master’s program.

Having done his Bachelor’s in Automobile Engineering, Abhishek wanted to expand. He started looking at product development. When researching universities, he found that Linköping University stood out in one respect. Most of the universities in the US and elsewhere offer only Industrial Engineering. 

“LiU is one of the very few reputed universities that offer Industrial Engineering and Management.”
Abhishek Chethikatt, second year student at IEM

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) gives the student an opportunity to integrate engineering, business administration and innovation. Abhishek was thorough when he did his research for suitable master’s programme. He found that several CEO’s in Sweden are alumni of the IEM programme, and this does not surprise him.

“The IEM programme will really help people who want to start their own company and are passionate about entrepreneurship. All the courses in this programme are so structured that you end up with an unbending comprehension about how an organisation works, how to make sellable products, and how to sustain a business. At the end of the day, you will be aware about the effects that business and products can have on the environment and social system.”

Abhishek, whose specialisation is Environmental Innovation Management, is about to start writing his thesis and is getting positive responses from companies around Europe. This is exciting but at the same time he is already getting nostalgic about his corridor life, the awesome student atmosphere and his part-time work with the student association. He claims to have fallen in love with Sweden.

“This country makes you think. You might end up with totally different perspectives about studies, classes, social life and life in general.”

The foreign language was never a problem, either. As everyone speaks English, Abhishek got by with a few Swedish greetings.

"I didn’t learn much Swedish, but it was never a problem. Bottom line; the IEM programme is good and the amount of exposure and project experience that I have gained is priceless.”