19 September 2019

Hereby, Advanced Functional Materials, the Strategic Research Area (SRA, SFO) of LiU in Material Sciences, announces a call for research projects of 500 kSEK/year each.

AFM research projects
- can be applied by PhDs active in the field of material science, with at least postdoctoral experience or equivalent, today employed at IFM, ITN or IEI*
- cannot be applied by AFM-PIs
- this year call includes 3 three-year projects that will start on the 1st of January 2020
- can be renewed in the future

AFM research projects will give a talented material scientist, at LiU*, to perform high risk and novel research studies with the criteria of
- material science being excellent, internationally competitive and strategic for Sweden. - independence and scientific renewal.
- favour cross-disciplinary material science and with neighbouring research areas.
- establishing or further development of own research groups

AFM research projects may be granted to a scientist that submit a research proposal to the AFM steering group that
- includes a research proposal of no more than 2 pages, composed of the following
outline: Objectives, State of the Art, Research Tasks, Expected Results
- a standard two-page CV (VR style)
- a ResearcherID (ISI).
- total number of citations during 2016-2018 and h-index (ISI)
- publication list of the last 8 years.

If the applicant has received AFM-support in the past, a one-page report should also be provided, also including a full list of publications with acknowledgement to AFM.
the application, as a one-pdf document should be sent no later than 1st of November to Therese Dannetun: therese.dannetun@liu.se

Decisions for AFM Research Grants will be announced on the 20th of December 2019.
The projects/funding will be granted under the condition that the Swedish government follows the recommendations for future funding of the Strategic Research Areas in line with the recommendations issued by the funding authorities: "Myndigheternas rekommendationer gällande SFO-stödet och framtida riktade satsningar (VR dnr. 5.1- 2015-5959).

*main employment, at least 50,1 %, at LiU and a member of IFM, ITN or IEI