Name: Antonio Greco
From: Italy
Program: International and European Relations, Year 1 (2016)

Antonio Greco, Sicily, moved to Milan for his BA in economics and management in which he also focused on public administration, international organisations and demography. After his graduation he spent some time in the UK to improve his English and to reflect on his life. This is where he decided to attend the International and European Relations master's program in Linköping.


Antonio likes the wide range of courses in law, economics and politics. Several branches are integrated and everybody can choose their own specialization.


“Another advantage is that the focus is on just one course per month, while the topics between the courses are still connected. The small classes are great as you get familiar with the people and this gives you more confidence. Plus, the teachers are very helpful and really passionate about their fields.”


He also enjoys the Swedish approach to education where lecturers meet students at eye-level, and he feels like he get to contribute to the lectures.


Even before moving to Sweden Antonio was curious to get to know the Northern culture and how life works in such a sustainable country. The good universities are the cherry on top of getting to learn about a new and exciting culture. And he feels really welcome in his new home: 


“Even though winter is a bit tough I really like Sweden, the international atmosphere on campus and the impressive nature.”

Antonio is already making plans for his third semester on the master’s programme. He wants to use the opportunity the university offers to do an internship, hoping he  can work in Latin America, before returning to Linköping to write his thesis.