In this theme, we focus on the relationship between work conditions, organization and management, and their relationship to health and illness in the workplace. In this theme we also conduct studies on workplace-based strategies for rehabilitation and work disability prevention.

Ongoing projects within this theme: 

Employer support for work disability prevention.

The project aims to develop a knowledge-based framework for prevention of work disability in workplaces, through knowledge syntheses and interactive research. 

Leading and organizing for health and production (LOHP).

A prospective cohort study aiming to study organizational conditions, management, work environment and health, including 10 organizations with more than 5000 employees.  

Employers’ costs for sick leave.

The project includes managers’ reports of measures before, during and after sick leave, and the related costs. 

Knowledge syntheses.

We have produced several knowledge syntheses in this theme, commissioned by the Swedish Work Environment Authority, or in collaboration with other research groups. 


Selected publications from this theme: