Karin Krifors at REMESO has successfully defended her PhD thesis - Managing Migrant Workers.

kkKarin Krifors´ thesis takes an original look at the migration issue and that of migrant workes condition.  Through interviews and field studies she has investigated the way managers of companies that rely on migrant workers describe and justify their practice.  Her study zoom in on two industrier, wild berry picking and IT, distinctly different businesses, yet with the employment of migrant labour as a common trait.

Karin Krifors relates the discourses of business managers to the general public discourse on migration, working conditions, globalisations. And she also looks at how notions of culture and difference, citizenship and cosmopolitanism is interfoiled into their language about migration workers.

Opponent was Nora Rätzhel, professor of sociology at Umeå University. She praised the thesis for it´s originality and thorough analytical approach.