As a student of LiU you can travel free of charge between our campuses in Linköping and Norrköping. All you need is a valid LiU-card and you are ready to go!

 190819 : LiU-bussen som går mellan Campus Valla och Campus Norrköping. Foto: Göran Billeson Photo credit GORAN BILLESON

Do you have classes in different campuses, live in one city but study in the other, or just want a change of scenery? Linköping University have our own buses to transport students and employees between our three campuses in Linköping and Norrköping. The bus stops right on campus which makes it easy for you to take part in student activities on any of LiU's campuses.


Students use their LiU-card as their ticket. It’s valid for the whole route and can be used for free as often as you like. Please note that the LiU-card is personal and used as identification of registered students – you must have your own valid LiU-card to be able to travel on the campus bus.


A valid LiU-card, or a temporary bus card, is required to travel with the Campus bus. Temporary bus cards for visitors at LiU are administered by the department being visited and can be collected at the Car Rental Office in the A Building, Campus Valla. The department is charged afterwards for the temporary card. Employees may only use the LiU-card on the Campus bus for job-related travel. For private travel, employees need to use regular public transport by Östgötatrafiken.


The campus bus runs from Campus Norrköping, via Campus Valla to arrive at University Hospital Campus, or vice versa. There are two bus stops in Campus Norrköping, one at University Hospital Campus and three at Campus Valla. The bus also stops at Mjärdevi Science Park which is next to Campus Valla. A single trip from University Hospital Campus to Campus Norrköping takes about an hour.


You find the timetable in the LiU-app.