Emanuel wanted to be challenged on a more advanced level and master studies in Business Administration proved to be the right choice. Here, he was constantly challenged to improve himself among people coming from different cultures.

Name: Emanuel Lindblad, Sweden
Title: MSc Business Administration 
Programme: Business Administration – strategy and management in international organizations
Job: Ericsson AB. Change Lead

Tell us about your background. How and why did you choose to study in Sweden and specifically at Linköping University (LiU)? What were you doing prior to coming to Linköping?

I was working as a personnel manager and at the same time pursuing my bachelor’s degree in HR and business administration. I really enjoyed studying but wanted to be in an international setting and also be challenged on a more advanced level. I came across SMIO and had a friend that had studied the programme before and praised it although he said that it was a very tough and challenging education.Emauel Lindblad, alumnus from the master programme i Business AdministrationEmanuel Lindblad

Tell us a bit about your programme. What did you enjoy about the academics?

We were always expected to over-perform and was constantly challenged to improve ourselves. It was a great atmosphere of ambitious people coming from different cultures and when we learned to embrace that magic happened. I really enjoyed the high quality of academic articles from different disciplines that taught me to think in a creative and problem-solving way. The programme have gave me a solid backbone in my business career and I will always be grateful to all teachers and peers that gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual and human.

How have your studies at LiU helped you in your career? What has stood out as being the most helpful part?

I learned a lot during the programme such as theoretical concepts from big thinkers but what has stood out is the way we were thought to think. To always be critical with a problem-solving mind. Not to only accept that things are not possible but rather to understand the challenge in depth and to use various concepts to come up with the best possible solution.

Why do you think others should choose to study in Linköping? What do you think is really unique about LiU that isn’t found elsewhere?

In Sweden we have a saying about “lagom” which means that it is not too much or too little and I would express Linköping in the same way. It’s a great city to study in and you will have a blast living here.

What advice do you have for future international students at LiU?

To have a lot of fika and enjoy the time of studying because it is really a privilege that should not be taken for granted.