Linköping University Electronic Press (LiU E-Press) is an academic publisher that specializes in publishing research results produced at Linköping University. All publications at LiU E-Press are Open Access. LiU researchers can benefit from an array of services provided by LiU E-Press that can help increase the visibility of their research.

Linköping University Electronic Press is the host of a dozen academic journals covering a wide range of research fields. All of them are Open Access, meaning that everyone can access them online.

LiU E-Press also host search services, bibliographic databases and databases containing digitized historical documents, mainly pertaining to the province of Östergötland.

As an academic publisher, LiU E-Press provides access to publications by LiU researchers, such as dissertations, journal articles, books and conference proceedings. In many cases, articles published in academic journals can be parallel published and thereby be made freely available. LiU E-Press help LiU researchers to parallel publish their articles, and also publish bachelor’s and master’s level student theses.

Publish with LiU E-Press

Open Journal System and DiVA

Journals, databases and conference proceedings are made available on LiU E-Press’ website. By using Open Journal System (OJS), the journals’ editorial boards can do much of the publishing process independently of the publisher.

For the registration of LiU researchers’ publications, for publishing of dissertations, working papers, student theses and for parallel publishing of articles, LiU E-Press use DiVA, a repository used by some 50 universities and other institutions in Sweden. 

Why publish with LiU E-Press?

  • All publications at LiU E-Press are freely available for everyone to read. This means increased dissemination of publications and visibility for the authors.
  • LiU E-Press is a non-profit academic publisher that does not charge any publishing fees.
  • All authors publishing with LiU E-Press retain the copyright of their work.

More about LiU E-Press

Linköping University Electronic Press provides a number of services to LiU researchers regarding publishing, for example tools for parallel publishing, journal evaluation and creating publication lists. LiU E-Press can also provide support systems for handling submissions to conferences.

LiU E-Press was founded in 1996 and is part of Linköping University Library.


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