Exchange students in the Occupational Therapy Programme can design their own study plan. The plan will usually combine clinical placement and/or research projects.

Orientation week

Every semester at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences starts with a compulsory Orientation Week. You need to be present for the duration.

Clinical modules

Exchange students can practise in the community, hospitals, elderly services or day centres for people with learning disabilities.
The following clinical modules are usually offered:
  • Care of the Elderly
  • Psychosocial Care and Rehabilitation
  • Somatic Care and Rehabilitation

Students acquire 1.5 credits for each completed week of study.

Theoretical modules in English

8FG069 - Interdisciplinary perspectives on chronic pain - an international course, 7.5 credits (länk till pdf)

Given once a year, in autumn. Full-time study for five weeks.


Application procedure