Exchange studies speech and language pathology

Exchange students can study courses at the Speech and Language Pathology programme for the autumn semester.
Students with good Swedish skills will be integrated into the normal programme curriculum, and can study the whole academic year (or either autumn or spring). Students with limited or no knowledge of Swedish can study some of the courses at advanced level. All exchange students can undertake degree project work at advanced or undergraduate level.

Courses taught in English

Deviant voice function and fluency disorders, 17 credits

Course code 8LOA55. This course is offered during the fifth semester of the programme and is an in-depth study of deviant voice function and acoustic and physiological correlates in children and adults.

Courses in Swedish

If you speak Swedish, we can offer courses:

To be filled in

Research projects

Students may work on individual research projects at undergraduate or advanced level during part of the semester. The length of these projects will vary depending on student needs and supervisor availability. Students acquire 1.5 credits for each completed week of full time studies.

If you want to study any of the courses in Swedish or undertake a research project, please contact the International Coordinator at the Faculty, Anna-Maria Josefsson at


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