22 June 2016

Five teachers at the Faculty of Science and Engineering have received recognition for their outstanding achievements.

“While it’s true that both the student unions and the faculty have had awards for good teaching in itself, we felt the lack of a prize for work outside of the classroom. We want to reward co-workers who develop, test and spread good teaching ideas, and this is work that is just as important as good research”, says Ulf Nilsson, dean in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. He was given the honour of awarding flowers and diplomas to the five winners (from left): 

Peter Hallberg, assistant lecturer in the Division for Machine Design, Department of Management and Engineering, for, among other things, the way in which he “laid the basis in an outstanding manner for the future engineering studies of the students”.

Tomas Svensson from the Department of Electrical Engineering, for, among other things, “his deep commitment in producing engineering skills. Together with colleagues, he has spent a long time building up an environment with inspiring project-based courses in which students gain and develop expertise”.

Aseel Berglund, Department of Computer and Information Science, receives the Faculty of Science and Engineering award for her “outstanding work on the Professionalism for Engineers course, which is given in Years 1-3 of the master’s programmes in computer technology and software engineering”.

Sixten Nilsson, of the Department of Science and Technology, is recognised as “an extremely talented maths teacher whose huge commitment to the students in the year group is a major contributor to the high quality of the teaching throughout the Department of Science and Technology”

Carl-Fredrik Mandenius, from the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, is active within the profile now known as “Industrial Biotechnology” given in the master’s programmes in chemical biology and engineering biology. He receives the award in recognition of “his unceasing hard work to ensure a clear professional relevance and industrial relevance in his courses”.

This is the first time the Faculty of Science and Engineering has rewarded co-workers for excellent teaching, and we intend this to become a tradition for the day of teaching strategy held by the faculty.

Translated by George Farrants