22 June 2016

Excitement about the future – and a celebration right now. That was the mood at this year’s Farewell Ceremony for Linköping University’s international master’s students.

“Preferably I’ll find a job in Sweden or some other country in Europe,” said Bo Sun from China.

He was one of the 180 international master’s students who joined with family and friends at the Farewell Ceremony at Kollektivet, the student union building in central Linköping.

Swedish friends

Bo Sun studied a two-year Electronic engineering programme, and he is very happy with his studies, as well as the social life in Linköping.

“They say Swedes are a bit shy and hard to make contact with, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. I’ve made loads of Swedish friends. And the programme here was good – more flexible and free than in China. There the teachers control what you do.”

Applied ethics programme

Another student enjoying the reception was Austen Yeager from the United States. She has just finished the Applied ethics programme, and was joined by her mother Julie, who flew over so they could celebrate the occasion together:
Austen and Julie Yeager“I’m extremely proud of her, and happy that I could make it to her graduation.”

Austen decided to study in Linköping because the programme seemed interesting, because she had never been to Sweden, and because the whole thing was such an adventure. And like Bo Sun, she is happy with her year at LiU:
“It has been really worthwhile. Especially since the programme is so international, with students from all over the world. This made our discussions much more rewarding.”

Ambassadors for Linköping University

Now she is returning to the US, and her plan is to study medicine, with a specialty in medical ethics.

Farewellceremoni 2016The Farewell Ceremony included music and entertainment, with Chorus Lin as well as Jazz Hoppers and Rhythm & Swing. And in her speech, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karin Fälth-Magnusson said:
“You’re now our alumni, graduates of our university. Some of you might return, but from today onward, you are all ambassadors for Linköping University. Let’s stay in touch.”

Photo: Anna Nilsen
Photo of Austen and Julie Yeager: Therese Winder