IT security

IT security issues at Linköping University are handled by LiU's Incident Response Team, LiU IRT. LiU IRT is a centrally located function for IT security handing, information and cooperation, and preventative IT security efforts.

Any form of incident, such as intrusions, intrusion attempts, spam, network abuse, and so forth that is associated in any way to Linköping University, regardless of whether the university is affected, or the cause of, the incident. LiU IRT does not handle issues that have no connection to Linköping University.

LiU IRT is certified by Trusted Introducer and a member of FIRST.




Contact information

LiU IRT is normally available 0900-1700 Monday through Friday. LiU is located in timezone GMT+1 (GMT+2 during daylight savings time). LiU IRT supports the ISTLP and use of PGP. 


Phone: +46 13 281744

PGP keys

Use the current operations key if you need a secure channel to LiU IRT.

Operations key

pub 4096R/304E0288 2020-01-03 Linköping University Incident Response Team (operations key 2020) <>
Fingerprint=4D5E 6CB8 1C58 4877 F0B5 0B92 C432 988A 304E 0288

Master key-signing-key

pub 4096R/C257EF24 2012-04-24
Linköping University Incident Response (master key-signing key)
Fingerprint=D442 01E5 D1ED 75B4 CCAA F4C5 1956 2F62 C257 EF24

CSIRT-profile according to RFC 2350

Information about RFC 2350 is available here.