This programme has a great balance between theoretical background and practical implementation says Josh, former student in Statistics and Machine Learning.

Name: Josh Hyungyum Kim
Programme: Statistics and Machine Learning
Occupation: Data Analyst at iZettle

Why did you choose to study at Linköping University (LiU)?

Josh Hyungym Kim, alumn from the master programme in Statistics and Machine LearningJosh Hyungym KimI’m originally from Korea with an industrial engineering background. I spent two semesters at LiU as an exchange student before (2014-2015) and that experience led me to choose LiU again for my Master’s. Quality student life and pragmatic learning are the two main reasons.

What did you study and what did you enjoy about the academics?

I studied an international Master’s program Statistics and Machine Learning. The program has a great balance between theoretical background (statistics and mathematics) and practical implementation (computer science) of Data Science and Machine Learning. I much enjoyed writing codes with programming languages while understanding what’s happening beneath the hood.

How did studying in Sweden compare to being a student in your home country, and in other countries where you’ve studied?

Studying in Sweden is a lot more relaxed compared to studying in Korea. It doesn’t mean that it’s easier, but it does mean that it’s easier to focus on what you study.

How was student life in Linköping? Do you have any particular memories that stand out?

Bike ride to LiU every day stands out. Close to nature and calm, the lake Roxen was beautiful. What I needed was just a bike.

Have your studies at LiU helped you in your career?

The general literacy of Data Science learned from the program definitely helped me in my career so far. The most helpful part is being able to code Machine Learning algorithms.

Why do you think others should choose to study in Linköping? What do you think is really unique about LiU that isn’t found elsewhere?

Especially for the program Statistics and Machine Learning, the balance I’ve mentioned above seems really unique. Also, life in Ryd is amazingly fun.

What advice do you have for future international students at LiU?

Study hard, but don’t forget to learn about life in Sweden.