Here are some guidelines for how to best prepare your portfolio to include with your application.

According to our application instructions for the Design Master’s Programme, your portfolio should be ”curated and annotated to demonstrate why you are a suitable candidate for the MSc Design programme. What we are looking for is your aptitude for interdisciplinary work, your ability to explore and learn through design, and your craft skills in design process execution, finishing and presentation.”

So what does that mean?

Most importantly, you should include items in your portfolio that tell stories of design projects:

  • What was the purpose of the project?
  • What did you learn during the design process?
  • How did you get from the initial purpose to the final solution?
  • How did you validate the solution?

In other words, your portfolio should present case studies and not only the final results.

Moving on, interdisciplinary skills refer to combining the strengths of different design disciplines. It could be a project where an industrial designer and a graphic designer work together, for example.

If you want to include portfolio projects made by interdisciplinary teams, please make sure to point out your individual contribution.

See a few examples in the slideshow below.