Confused about what a LiU-ID and a LiU-card and LISAM are? Here's a short glossary for you.

LiU Card

- a plastic card with a photo that works as a student ID, key card to open doors, library card, copy card and campus bus card for travel between Linköping and Norrköping.

LiU e-mail

 - all university students receive account where LiU-ID is a log-on, and use it for study-related communication.


- a combination of first letters from your name and numbers that functions as a user name. Together with a password it is used to access computers on Campus and to log on to on-line services such as LISAM and the free wireless LiU network, Netlogon.


- gives student discounts nationwide on various products and services. At LiU, the Mecenat logo is in the lower right hand corner of your LiU-card.


- “the newcomer card” - is a temporary paper card that gives you access to certain student pubs and activities before you get your LiU card. Its colour depends on which faculty you are from. Cannot be used as ID.

Student portal and LISAM

- on-line services where students can register for courses or exams, see study results, order transcripts of records, access course spaces, change home address, and more.


- an ID-number created by the university for administrative purposes. Consists of your birthdate followed by a dash, a letter and tree digits. Replace this number with a civic registration number from the Tax Office by submitting a certificate to the Student Service Desk.