The course is open for citizens/residents outside EU/EEA.

Please note! This course will not be given during the spring semester 2023 and the autumn semester 2023. The course is currently being reworked and this page may be updated about possible course changes before the application period for the spring semester 2024 starts (June 2023).

This course is intended for citizens or residents of countries outside the EU/EEA area who plan to continue their undergraduate education at Linköping University.

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA will need a residence permit for guest students to pursue studies in Sweden, see the website of the Swedish Migration Board.

The Qualifying Course in Swedish is an intensive, one-year and full-time course, designed to give the general requirements in Swedish and civics for university studies.

An introductory course of 7,5 credits (at level A2), starting at the beginning of January or August, is mandatory.

The Qualifying course in Swedish may not be counted as part of a university degree.

Subsequent studies

When applying for the Qualifying Course in Swedish students must also apply for a full-time programme or single subject course at Linköping University with Swedish as language of instruction. For the subsequent studies there will be a tuition fee.

Use the form for Subsequent undergraduate studies and send it in with all other documentation. 

To be eligible for the choice of programme/single subject course for subsequent studies the applicant must fulfil the specific requirements of the chosen programme/single subject course.

Please note that master's programmes, Foundation year in Science and Technology, Human Resource Management and Work Sciences, programme in Business and Economics, International Business programme, Psychologist programme and the medical programme are not open for subsequent studies.

For information on programmes and courses offered in Swedish, please contact Jonas Johansson, +46 13 28 18 95,

Form for subsequent studies 

Entrance requirements

  • completion of an upper secondary education giving eligibility to university studies in the country of study and corresponding to the same level in Sweden
  • Swedish skills equivalent to level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, e.g. a 7,5 credit beginners course in Swedish from a Swedish university or SFI level C. Note that your certificate must state that you have successfully passed the exam relative to the required A1 course. Certificates showing that you have only participated in an A1 course will not suffice.
  • skills in English
  • the specific requirements stated for the subsequent undergraduate programme or courses you apply for.


Selection is based on upper secondary school results, i.e. final grade point average.

Application deadlines

  • 15 August for the Qualifying Course in Swedish starting in January, i e spring semester.
  • 15 January for the Qualifying Course in Swedish starting in August, i e autumn semester.

Application procedure

  • Make sure that you meet with the admission requirements for the Qualifying Course in Swedish
  • Check the information on application procedure and documentation for the basic level, at
  • Apply online at
  • Submit all documentation, including the form for subsequent studies, to University admissions in Sweden, following the instructions on


Further information