The course is open for Nordic and EU/EEA citizens or long-term residents.

Please note! This course will not be given during the spring semester 2023. The course is currently being reworked and this page may be updated about possible course changes before the application period for the autumn semester 2023 starts (march 2023).

Non-Swedish-speaking citizens or long-term residents of a Nordic or EU/EAA country who plan to continue their undergraduate education at Linköping University may apply for the first semester of the Qualifying Course in Swedish.

It is an intensive full-time course. During semester 1 students should acquire a basic knowledge of Swedish and develop their language proficiency as well as gaining familiarity with Swedish society and the Swedish educational system. They should acquire a rapidly progressing knowledge of essential basic grammar as well as a functional and relevant vocabulary.

An introductory course of 7,5 credits (at level A2) is mandatory. The course starts at the beginning of August, autumn semester, or in the beginning of January, spring semester.

The final examination of the introductory course is compulsory for all students admitted to the Qualifying Course in Swedish and is also an entrance test.

The Qualifying Course in Swedish may not be counted as part of a university degree.

Entrance requirements

The course is only offered to applicants who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue.

  • completion of an upper secondary education giving eligibility to university studies in the country of study and corresponding to the same level in Sweden.
  • Swedish skills equivalent to level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, e.g. a 7,5 credit beginners course in Swedish from a Swedish university or SFI level C. Note that your certificate must state that you have successfully passed the exam relative to the required A1 course. Certificates showing that you have only participated in an A1 course will not suffice.
  • skills in English.
  • passing the final examination of the Intensive introductory course in Swedish for beginners and guest students, 7,5 credits.

If you pass semester 1 there is a possibility for you to continue for another semester. When you have completed both semesters of the Qualifying Course in Swedish, you will fulfill the general requirements in Swedish and Civics for University Studies in Sweden.


Selection is based on upper secondary school results, i.e. final grade point average and previous academic credits.

Application deadlines

  • 15 April for the Qualifying Course in Swedish starting in August, i e autumn semester. The on-line application service will be open on 15 March. Notification of admission will be communicated in the middle of July.
  • 15 October for the Qualifying Course in Swedish starting in January, i e spring semester. The on-line application service will be open on 15 September. Notification of admission will be communicated in the middle of December.

Application procedure

Further information