Former computer science student Razmus Lindgren found the programme’s focus on learning new things rapidly very useful when working in IT development.

Razmus Lindgren studied a master’s program in Computer Science with his main focus in software programming and algorithms. He is currently working at Attentec, an IT development company with customers throughout the Nordic region.

He works with code review, continuous integration and automated testing. Even though the last two topics were not a part of his studies, he says his education focused extensively on learning new things fast.

Focus on practical knowledge

”I learned a lot about restructuring existing code to be more effective and better structured. I also learned to create programs from scratch to suit specific needs, and how to follow certain restrictions that users need/want from software.”

When Razmus talks about his LiU days, he remembers most vividly enjoying meeting people from all over the world and attending parties. But he chose the programme because he loves coding and programming, and he had heard only good things about LiU. Razmus thinks Linköping University puts a lot of effort into providing practical knowledge for their students, which is what matters to future employers.

”Never stop improving”

”I believe that most companies associate LiU with quality. By ’quality’, I mean students who are knowledgeable and have a personal drive to continuously learn new things and never stop improving themselves.”

He also wants to extend some advice to current and future students, since he believes that many are making mistakes in organising their time while studying:

”Make sure to always finish your homework when you have some time over. It quickly piles up and the weight of it all can be quite stressful to deal with. But more important than finishing all the homework quickly is to allow yourself some moments each day to relax and let your body cope with stress. Make sure to combine both a dedication to your studies with a realistic amount of time for yourself.”

Master's Programme in Computer Science