03 March 2016

This autumn, Linköping University will once again offer a 30-credit foundation course in gender studies. This time as distance education and online.

There has been huge interest in the course, so we’re really happy to be starting it up for the autumn term,” says Malena Gustavson, course coordinator at Gender Studies, Department of Thematic Studies.

LiU has previously offered campus-based courses in gender studies at an introductory level. Until 2008 these were managed by the Forum for Gender Studies and Equality, until Gender Studies took over from the spring term, 2011.
Since then LiU has only offered courses at advanced level, and the master’s programme ”Gender studies – Intersectionality and change”.

Online course

Now it’s time to restart the foundation course, this time with a 30-credit online course, taught in English, with an introductory week on campus.
”We realised how strong demand was, now that the Gender Academy is giving a seminar series, open to the public. It was sold out right away, even though there were no credits given. Just knowledge,” says Malena Gustavson.

In terms of content, what can participants expect from the online course ”Gender studies – Intersectionality and change”?
”A central focus will be intersectionality, how power relationships intersect. Not only as regards gender, but also racification, ethnicity, sexuality and class. We will analyse the complexity between the representations, and discuss various examples. Essentially it is about co-analysis of how they affect society and everyday life.

Future plans include an entire bachelor’s programme in gender studies, online and in English.