By coincidence Sandra Kühnl started her master in Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Life in Linköping. Finishing her bachelor in childhood education in Germany she was not even sure that she wanted to continue her studies.

Sandra loves to work not only with children, but with people in general and likes to see a learning process with them: eventually noticing that something has changed and things are working out for the student. Searching for an alternative connected to education and nature, she came across the master’s programme at Linköping University (LiU).  

In the end it was a gut decision though, but she was really looking forward to move to Sweden and now that she is here it is her objective to learn the language. She finds it especially appealing that there is no ‘Sie’ in Swedish, no word to address anybody formally as there is in her mother tongue German. 
I have only had good experiences with Sweden and always felt welcome. Plus, I don’t agree with the common prejudice that Swedes are hard to get to know! I could imagine myself always living here.
Sandra Kühnl, student at the Master in Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Life

She loves that they are spending so much time outside during classes, no matter if it is riding the bike, hiking or petting snakes. Sandra is already waiting for spring to come as even more classes will be held outside then. 
Also, the one-year programme duration is an advantage as the financing is doable and she states that:

“ was just matching into my plans really well”.


Everything in the programme is manageable this is her message to all prospective students out there who are fearful of starting the master degree. The biggest difference to her bachelor’s is the internationality of the programme. The students come from seven countries and between Island and India there is a huge variety of perspectives.


No matter how difficult it is in the beginning due to the various points of departure, in the end it is just exciting and cool to get to know this diversity of cultures. Words in new languages, unknown meals and cultural peculiarities make it a unique experience to study the international master programme.