Photo credit Thor BalkhedTHz ellipsometry and Optical Hall effect

We aim at developing unique THz ellipsometry and magneto-ellipsometry (THz Optical Hall effect) methodologies. These novel techniques will make it possible to explore electronic, transport and magnetic properties and phenomena in e.g, semiconductors, nanomaterials, organic materials, which cannot be assessed by other means. In short term perspective we expect to develop understanding and create knowledge about the mechanisms that control the free-charge carrier properties of epitaxial graphene and III-nitride heterostructures in order to achieve their desired transport properties. As a result of our research we will foster progress in novel technologies and functionalities based on epitaxial graphene and III-nitrides, such as THz electronics, power electronics, highly efficient solid-state lighting and photovoltaics. Our ambition is to establish a unique center for THz and magneto-optic ellipsometry at Linköping.

Research financed by SSF, ÅForsk and VINNOVA

Cooperation with J. A. Woollam Co and CMO at University of Nebraska-Lincoln