Many hours of research lie behind many of the materials we use every day, such as spectacles, solar cells and dental implants. Researchers in materials science investigate how various materials are built up and how they work – in order to be able to develop new ingenious solutions.

They hope to create new materials that can help society and be used in such applications as surgical implants, solar cells and light-emitting diodes.

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Atomic artistry yields new materials

Jens Birch, professor, and Johanna Rosén, assistant professor, design new magnetic materials, for instance for use in computers. Plus other materials aimed at increasing the information volume in optical fibre.

Solar cells on a roll

Olle Inganäs, professor of organic electronics, develops solar cells from organic materials that are printed on thin plastic foil. It is about renewable energy in soft, eco-friendly and inexpensive materials. And it could help meet electricity requirements in Sweden and for millions of people in other parts of the world.

Materials science at LiU

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