How does transfer of credits from previous studies work at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences?

Who can apply?

If you have been admitted to a course at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Linköping University, and have taken one or more courses in an equivalent or other relevant educational programme at another university, you can apply for credit transfer. Occupational activities or other education may also, in certain cases, have supplied you with knowledge or expertise for which credits can be given in higher education.

What can be credited?

Compare what you have studied previously with courses from the educational programme at Linköping University you are about to start. You can find programme and course plans on the Study information page. From the content and the description of objectives of the courses, you can form an idea of which courses/modules you might be credited, based on the courses you have previously taken.

Study information - Linköping University

Application procedure

If the application relates to academic qualifications, you can only apply for credit transfer of completed courses and modules. Modules must be reported in a reporting system, for example Ladok.

For new students

If you are a new student at Linköping University and have been admitted, but not registered, you can apply for credit transfer via a form.

Application form for credit transfer

Your application should be submitted as soon as possible after you have received your admissions result so that, after any transfer of credits, you will have the opportunity to start a course other than the one given the first semester. Assessment of credit transfer is only available for admitted students. No ex-ante assessments are made.

Applications for credit transfer can also be made during the course of the educational programme, i.e. applications can be received throughout the academic year.

For current students

To apply for credit transfer if you are currently studying at Linköping University and registered for an educational programme, use this form:

Form for applying for credit transfer - current student

To your application, you must attach:

  • Endorsed certificate of results/transcript of records (Swedish or English) of courses/modules on which the application is based.
  • Course syllabuses for the courses you have completed (check that the syllabuses were valid when you took the courses).
  • Course syllabuses for any ongoing course that can be reported as passed before the start of the semester. Please note that we can only make decisions on the courses that are completed and reported in a student records system.
  • Any other documents (certified) that prove previous studies, such as programme syllabuses.

Decision on the commencement of studies for newly admitted students

If credit transfer is granted, those admitted to semester 1 can start another course/semester, subject to the availability of places.

Order of priority for a place at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (in Swedish)

No guarantees for advancement to a higher semester during the current semester are given, even where a credit transfer has been granted.

A decision on the commencement of a specific course/semester is made only after a decision on credit transfer, and the student is notified as soon as possible.

Starting studies in a higher semester is conditional on decisions on available places being made before too much of the course/semester has elapsed. It is therefore important that your application for credit transfer is received as quickly as possible.

Processing time varies depending on when the application is received, but it may take up to nine weeks to process your case. However, processing is always carried out as quickly as possible, when all documentation is available in the application. Processing of cases in connection with the start of a semester is handled as quickly as possible.

Student finance

It is not possible to apply for student finance for courses or modules that are credited.

Any questions regarding student finance are referred to the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN).

If you have any questions, please contact your study adviser: